School Work

   As soon as I get a project my mind wonders through all the possibilities of the design outcome of the project- that is my first burst of inspiration I get. My visual research expands by looking at everything around me, not limited to anything. To accomplish a successful design, I engross myself in the work. I always make sure the colors and type use relate to the complete design and origin of the meaning of the project. I like to create a design for the viewer to take something from the design- to give them ideas, to make them see and to make them think. As a graphic designer, I want to enlighten audiences with my work. It is important for me to not solely depend on a computer to create my designs in Adobe programs, but also hand drawings. Design energizes my mind and is constantly keeping my mind awake- creatively. In the end, I want my approach of work to unite my inspiration into long lasting and impressionable designs.
Created filters for special events.

Typography Posters for Getty Museum
Series of posters on great American Architects. We had to incorporate the typography with their architecture

Variety of projects.